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2018 - Austria 2 € 100th Anniversary of the Austrian Republic - Unc

Catalogue number:2EAT2018
Denomination:2 EUR
Diameter:25,75 mm
Finish:Uncirculated (UNC)
Mintage (pcs):18,1 mil.
Date of Issue:2.1.2018
Our price:€ 4,80 inc. of VAT
Availability:3 - 5 weekdays

2 Euro Commemorative Coin - Centenary of the Founding of the Republic of Austria

With the end of the First World War came the end of a political system that had lasted for many centuries: the founding of the Austrian Republic on 12 November 1918 marked the end of the Habsburg Monarchy and the beginning of a new epoch. To celebrate this momentous occasion, a 2 euro coin featuring the statue of Pallas Athena has been issued.

In its brass core, the coin shows a detail of the statue of Pallas Athena that stands in front of the neoclassical Parliament building in Vienna. The goddess of wisdom wears an Attic helmet decorated with a sphinx. Both the Parliament (completed in 1883) and the Pallas Athena fountain (1902) were based on designs by Theophil von Hansen. Pallas Athena serves as a symbol of Austrian parliamentarianism and signifies knowledge, reason and strategic ability. (source: https://www.muenzeoesterreich.at/eng/produkte/centenary-of-the-founding-of-the-republic-of-austria)

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