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Mint of Poland (Mennica Polska)

manufacturer's website: https://www.mennica.com.pl/

Mint of Poland (Mennica Polska) - details

Since 1766, Mennica Polska S.A. has been a leading issuer of coins and collector items both in Poland and in Europe. It was then that the Polish king, Stanisław August Poniatowski resolved to establish the mint. His intention was to found a company that would mint the most beautiful coins in the Old Continent. This mission is still being accomplished today.
Currently, Mennica Polska S.A. is the sole issuer of circulation and collector coins emitted by the National Bank of Poland. The designers and the minters complete orders for foreign emitters and numismatic firms as well.

The company also mints medals and medals of honor. It has received numerous prestigious awards, including a 2006 award for “The most beautiful circulation coin in the world – Expo 2005 2-zloty coin.” In 2009, the coins minted by Mennica Polska S.A. have been rewarded in the prestigious Machina Design Awards competition the jury member of which were, among others, Paolo Pininfarina, Andrzej Pągowski and Ewa Minge.
Technological potential of Mennica Polska S.A. allows for creation of minting products of the highest possible quality. In recent years, Mennica Polska S.A. has expanded its activities into new services. The company issues, among others, local ducats - the service which was rendered for almost 200 cities and self-governments across Poland. Presently, Mennica Polska S.A. is also involved in electronic payments, property development business and participates in precious metals turnover. It has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange for over 10 years.

  Our company E-MINCE.cz - Gold & Coins is the official exclusive distributor of coinage of the Mint of Poland (Mennica Polska SA) for the Czech and Slovak markets, of course we deliver worldwide. We provide a complete range of minted coins and numismats (medals).


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