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Collector Case for Rittermuenzen / Knights

Collector Case for Rittermuenzen / Knights' Tales - Limited Edition

Producer:Austrian Mint
Catalogue number:23965
Mintage (pcs):3000
Price:vyprodáno / sold
This Collector Case contains something very special – an original Viennese Pfennig from the Middle Ages. Nobody knows how many hands have held this coin over the centuries. It was minted in the 13th or 14th century in Vienna or the Austrian towns of Enns and Wiener Neustadt. Alongside the Viennese Pfennig and its certificate of authenticity there is space in the case for the five Proof quality silver coins in the Knight’s Tales series. Due to the limited availability of Viennese Pfennigs, only 3,000 of these limited-edition Collector Cases are being put on sale.

This Collector Case is also special because every Viennese Pfennig is unique. The reason for this is the periodic renewal of the currency, which happened in Austria on an almost annual basis. In addition to the income that the mint masters earned from minting the coins – the so-called ‘Schlagschatz’ – the renewal of the currency was another way of filling the state’s coffers. As well as an ingenious way of recuperating the precious metal used in coin production, the renewal of the currency also provided further income in the form of the commission paid by the public to the Archduke when exchanging their coins. The new Pfennigs had to look significantly different from the previous coins to enable the financial authorities to easily verify their authenticity. This explains the great variety in the coin motifs of the period.

Collector case with slipcase and an original Viennese Pfennig from the 13th or 14th century, including certificate. Coins not included.

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