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Niue 12 NZD - Magic Calendar of Happiness Set - Proof

Producer:Mint of Poland (Mennica Polska)
Catalogue number:NISP2014MCH12
Year:2013, 2014
Denomination:1 NZD (12x)
Silver Fineness:Ag 925/1000
Weight:10 g (12x)
Diameter:32 mm
Author/Designer:Piotr Demitraszek
Mintage (pcs):5555
Packaging:blister with theme
Price:vyprodáno / sold out

Let the coins work their magic!

This new series of 12 collector coins is devoted to the magic calendar of happiness. The coins are decorated with a unique design and ornamented with Swarovski crystals.

Treat yourself with an outstanding talisman!

This new series of collector coins is devoted to the magic lunisolar calendar. This distinctive way of measuring the passage of time was well known and used in various cultures beginning from the ancient Hellenic or Babylonian calendars through the Hebrew, Buddhist, Hindu ones, ending on the traditional Asian calendars such as the Chinese or Japanese ones. All of them indicate both the time of the solar year and the moon phase.

• Silver in proof quality
• Magic design
• Limited Mintage
• Certificate of Authenticity
• New Zealand Legal Tender

Each coin depicts the exact position of the Sun on the horizon in each month, thus with subtle differences in placement of the stone. A zircon not only refers to the colour of the natural stone assigned to each month, but also to its special properties.

The bottom part of each coin is decorated with roots, the symbol of Earth under the influence of the solar radiation. They depict intensifications of changes through all of the seasons, beginning from an early spring in March and ending on a stark winter in January.

Each coin is additionally lavishly decorated with the symbols and graphics of the zodiac signs.

The talismans are exceptional gifts, not only for collectors.

Designer: Piotr Demitraszek

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