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2018 -2 NZD Silver Crystal Coin - Your Guardian Angel - crystal AB proof

Producer:Czech Mint
Catalogue number:75517-711
Denomination:2 NZD
Silver Fineness:Ag 999/1000
Weight:31,1 g (1 oz)
Diameter:50 mm
Edge:Plain edge
Author/Designer:Petra Brodská, DiS./Irena Hradecká, DiS.
Mintage (pcs):600
Packaging:capsule, box, certificate
Price:vyprodáno / sold
After the gift coins, the theme of which was birthday, happiness, love and enjoyment of life, the Crystal Coin product line was extended with the motif of the guardian angel. The angel's issue was soon sold out, and comes again for a great deal of interest with a new relief and a crystal stone.

Unique silver coins with sharpened Bohemian Crystal are the result of a combination of traditional Jablonec crafts, medal processing of the Czech Mint and glassworks of Preciosa which is unparalleled in the whole world.

The guardian angel is according to many legends a supernatural creature that holds a protective hand over each of us and protects us from all evil. The guardian angel is not just one, like Gabriel or Michael - just the other way around. Whether you believe it or not, we all have our own. He does not leave us for a second, so we're never alone. It takes us through life, guards our soul, helps us to overcome various obstacles or trials and, last but not least, is a devoted friend.

Gifted female medal makers Irena Hradecka, DiS., and Petra Brodska, DiS., from the Czech Mint gave the guardian angel a cute form of a winged baby sitting on a cloud and praying for us. The silver relief is followed by a crystal stone in the shape of a wing. The composition of the reverse side is complemented by the Czech-English inscription "YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL". Since the coins of the Czech Mint are licensed by a foreign issuer, which is the island of Niue, the obverse side of the coin carries its necessary attributes, which are the nominal value of 2 DOLLARS (NZD), the year of the issue 2018, the name of Elizabeth II., together with the portrait of a ruler surrounded by angel wings.

The coin comes in a limited load of 600 pieces and represents an original gift for a number of occasions. It is stored in an elegant packaging that you simply turn into a practical frame to expose it. There is also a Czech-English-Russian certificate of authenticity where you can write your dedication and which is dominated by the English quote of preacher Phil Bosman: "The angel is the one God sends to your life unexpectedly and undesirably to spit on you with a few stars when everything becomes dark."

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