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2017 - Austria 10 € Gabriel - the Revealing Angel - Proof

Producer:Austrian Mint
Catalogue number:ATSP2017102
Silver Fineness:Ag 925/1000
Weight:16,82 g
Diameter:32 mm
Author/Designer:Mag. Helmut Andexlinger / Herbert Wähner
Mintage (pcs):30000
Packaging:capsule, box, certificate
Date of Issue:6.9.2017
Price:vyprodáno / sold

Gabriel – the Revealing Angel

The bringer of good news, archangel Gabriel is the inspiration for the second coin in the Austrian Mint’s talismanic Guardian Angels series. Combining a historical representation of Gabriel and state-of-the-art colour application technology, Gabriel – the Revealing Angel is a pocket-sized lucky token that will make you feel someone is watching over you.

Good news Gabriel

In the Koran, Gabriel is the guardian of the gate to heaven, the angel of revelation and the mediator between god and man. In the New Testament, Gabriel is the angel who told the Virgin Mary that she was with child and that the child should be known as Jesus. In a detail from a painting by an unknown 15th or 16th century painter, believed to belong to the German School, the coin’s reverse depicts Gabriel as a young man with curly hair and a halo, pointing his fingers to the sky, his wings decorated with peacock feathers. The centre of the obverse of the coin features a lily; symbolising Gabriel it is framed by the initial G, which is surrounded by an ornate orange-coloured grapevine design.

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