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Silver Medal Fish for Luck - Proof

Producer:Czech Mint
Producer code:30925-711
Catalogue number:30925-711
Silver Fineness:Ag 999/1000
Weight:10 g
Diameter:30 mm
Date of Issue:05/2014
Our price:€ 36,80 inc. of VAT
Availability:on request

A beautiful artistically crafted piece of silver will be an everlasting reminder of the fact that real happiness does not mean success or money. The most valuable gift is hidden in us, people, and the closeness of a nice human being is above all material assets.

Life is a mosaic of rises and falls and the older you get the more you realize how precious happy moments are. Give this silver medal to the person who means a lot to you and who brought a bit of luck into your life – even a tiny one and for a brief moment. The person that helped make your life more beautiful certainly deserves a big thank you. Medal Fishes for luck expresses all words of gratitude in a very simple and much stronger motto Happiness is to live for the other. Together with it the obverse side features two fishes playing in waves and enjoying their meeting. The playful design was created by a young artist Zuzana Hubená.

A golden fish is a symbol of happiness and luck – due to its calmness, freedom and long life. The fish is one of the eight sacred Buddhist symbols representing fertility, abundance and harmony with the flow of life. Old Greeks believed that golden fish brings success in marriage and in relations. Egyptians bred golden fish to secure happiness and well-being for their families. To donate a pair of fishes as a wedding present is considered as a token of good will. By this you show that you wish the newlyweds to find mutual happiness and be blessed with many children. The tradition comes from China – in Chinese the word yu means both fish and richness and, hence, it expresses that the donor wishes the recipient wealth and prosperity.

Silver medal for luck with the motif of fishes is – thanks to the rich symbolism it expresses – a splendid gift to people about whose happiness you care very much.

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