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Set of Three Bullion Coins Czech Lion 2021 Ag/ Pt/ Pd - Proof

Producer:Czech Mint
Catalogue number:CN75979-751
Denomination:102 NZD
Silver Fineness:Ag 999/1000
Platinum Fineness:Pt 999/1000
Palladium Fineness:Pd 999/1000
Weight:3x 1 oz (31,1 g)
Author/Designer:Asamat Baltaev, DiS.
Mintage (pcs):100
Packaging:gift box, certificate
Date of Issue:09/2021
Our price:€ 5.398,00 inc. of VAT
Availability: By warehouse 2 pcs
Czech Lion 2021
World bullion coins are often dedicated to the national symbols, therefore, the "Czech Lion", which is the first mintage of its kind intended for the Czech market, is not an exception. Three precious metals - silver, platinum and palladium - were used during the production of the unique set of three ounce coins in top quality proof.

The term ounce needs to be further specified. There are a number of variants of this unit. Some of them relate to weight and others to volume. In the environment of international trade of precious metals, the universally valid unit of weight is the so-called troy ounce (abbreviated as "oz"). It is not derived from the mythical city of Troy, but from the French city of Troyes [trua]. The seat on the Seine has ever been a center of trade, and gold and silver in units corresponding to the troy ounce have been exchanged here since the Middle Ages. It didn't take long and this standardized weight spread around the world - for example, English merchants in Troyes were already active in the 9th century AD… One troy ounce weighs exactly 31.1034768 grams. Its multiples or shares are used to express the price of metals - usually in US dollars per troy ounce. Every investor is interested in coin weight in order to calculate its price, but Czech lions also have artistic and collectible value - all the more so when the Czech Lion platinum and palladium coins appear in the Czech Mint's offer for the very first time!

The reverse sides of the coins are dominated by the Czech lion in an untraditionally realistic presentation with the St. Wenceslas Crown on its head. The obverse sides then bear an eagle on a shield, which is a synthesis of St. Wenceslas, Moravian and Silesian predators. The author of the relief is the medal maker Asamat Baltaev, DiS. Since the Czech Mint's coins are licensed by a foreign issuer, the island of Niue, their obverse sides bear its necessary attributes - the name and portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the year of issue 2021 and nominal values of 2, 5 and 50 DOLLARS (NZD).

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