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Set of four silver medals ‘Aristocratic family Kolowrat- Cracow’ - proof

Producer:Czech Mint
Catalogue number:41422-731
Silver Fineness:Ag 999/1000
Weight:4x 16 g
Diameter:34 mm
Edge:Plain edge
Mintage (pcs):101
Packaging:gift box, certificate
Price:vyprodáno / sold

When the Czech Mint in 2013 opened with a set of coins dedicated to the Rohan family, series of Aristocratic families, many Numismatic hearts leapt. The combination of exceptional artistic performance and extremely attractive topic attracted hundreds of collectors who eagerly await the next issue to upgrade their collections. The newest gem is dedicated to the lovers of National History, which is inspired by this series - a set of numbered sterling silver medals dedicated to the family Kolowrat-Cracow!

The set of four silver medals is a collaboration between the Czech Mint and the descendants of the noble family, who wished to have it made as a corporate custom minting, yet kindly allowed a limited number of luxury collections to be released for sale. Now only 50 numismatics can enrich their collections with this unique jewel with significant investment potential.

The originator of the family Kolowrat- Cracow was Albrecht of Kolowrat (1422–1470), who in 1443 bought the castle Krakovec u Rakovníka, which gave a second name to the Czech largest aristocratic family. We can stumble many times upon the Lords of Kolowrat, when we study the history of our country. They are mostly in senior positions - among them burgraves, the governors, the highest provincial judges, church dignitaries, royal governors and supreme chancellor. In 1989, following the link of his ancestors, Henry William Kolowrat-Krakowski, along with his son Francis Thomas returned to Czechoslovakia to manage the family property. His grandchildern Alexander and Francesca Dominika Kolowrat-Cracow are present successors of this tribe of prominent Czech noblemen.

The extraordinary set of four silver medals ‘Aristocratic family of Kolowrat-Cracow’ in high-quality proof represents four portraits of aristocrats through engagingly crafted designs, whose author is sculptor Michal Vitanovský. On the reverse Barbora Solperová then portrayed the family crest and bilingual motto FAITHFULLY AND CONSTANTLY - PRO FIDELITATE.

  • Leopold Filip Kolowrat-Cracow - member of the Imperial Council and the Czech Provincial Assembly, the Knight of the Iron Crown of the second class, Lt. Dragoons Prince Eugene of Savoy.
  • Alexander Joseph Kolovrat-Cracow - one of the boldest and most interesting personalities of the family, known automobile and motorcycle racer as well as a successful film producer.
  • Henry William Kolowrat-Cracow - significant Czechoslovak diplomat, businessman, philanthropist and generous patron, patriot and resistance fighter awarded by The War Cross and the medal of T.G. Masaryk.
  • František Tomáš Kolowrat-Cracow - a film cameraman and producer, restorer of the family property, philanthropist, art lover and generous patron.

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