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Set of four gold coins War year 1943 - proof

Producer:Czech Mint
Catalogue number:75394-611
Denomination:25 NZD
Gold Fineness:Au 999,9/1000
Weight:62,24 g
Diameter:28 mm
Mintage (pcs):99
Packaging:capsule, box, certificate
Date of Issue:08/2018
Price:vyprodáno / sold
The Second World War hit virtually every corner of the planet between 1939 and 1945. It was guided by a scale that no one imagined until then, and therefore it is no wonder that its stories still fascinate us. The bowls of weight finally came to the good in 1943, 75 years ago, but the war was far from being won. Its milestones are outlined in a complete set of four half-ounce coins of the Czech Mint from the free cycle "The War Year":

The first coin is dedicated to the Battle of Guadalcanal - the first offensive of the Allies in the Pacific. The six-month clash of US and Japanese forces on the Solomon Islands ended with a decisive victory of the US, and the empire was forced to move into the defensive.
The second coin gives tribute to the heroes and victims of a tragic rebellion in the Warsaw Ghetto. The biggest event of Jewish resistance in occupied Europe has become a symbol of pride, courage and determination to stand up against an incomparably stronger rival.
The third coin reminds of the legendary battle at Kursk. One of the most important battles of the Eastern Front has become the largest tank encounter of all time. It was attended by 8,000 soldiers and finally sealing the fate of the Nazi Third Reich.
The fourth coin belongs to an invasion of Sicily. The monumental amphibious assault of the Allies on the fortified Mussolini Island opened a new front and became the key to conquering all of Italy and overthrowing its fascist dictator.

The detailed reliefs of four coins, which are the work of the author's duet Asamat Baltaev, DiS., and academic sculptor Nikolay Baltaev (son and father) present war scenes, which are the Japanese banzai attack on American Marines; a helpless Jewish family released to Nazi soldiers; Russian tanks rearing their German counterparts; US paratroopers attacking Sicilian stronghold. The obverse side is then all the coins common. It carries the essential requirements of the island of Niue (issuer that provides the Czech Mint with the foreign license to mint its own coins), ie. the name and the profile of Queen Elizabeth II., together with the year of the issue 2018 and the nominal value of 25 DOLLARS (NZD). The relief of the obverse side is complemented by the famous USSR and US War orders, which are the Order of Fame (established in 1943) and the Silver Star.

Each of only 99 sets of gold coins is placed in a thematic metal etui including a numbered certificate of authenticity. Illustration on the lid of the box presents fighting Soviet soldiers, together with an illustration on the certificate of the American soldier going through the jungle.

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