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Kutna Hora Maxmilian II. Thaler Replica - Standard

Producer:Czech Mint
Producer code:30702-720
Catalogue number:30702-720
Silver Fineness:Ag 999/1000
Weight:31,1 g
Diameter:37 mm
Finish:Uncirculated (UNC)
Mintage (pcs):1000
Packaging:blister with theme
Our price:€ 63,50 inc. of VAT
Availability:3 - 5 weekdays

Kutna Hora Maxmilian II. thaler replica standard
Replica of the Czech thaler struck in 1577 in the Kutná Hora mint was designed by the original coin and minted of the troy ounce of pure silver. It represents a standard type of Czech silver Renaissance trading coins, the mintage of which was resumed after the currency reform in 1573. Coins struck in separate Czech mints at that time differed only by the sign of the mintmaster. The silver thaler could be used as means of payment throughout Europe, its exchange rate to other European currencies varied. The coin has a specific odd feature – the year of origin (1577); it was struck under the name of emperor and king Maximilian II – but after his death (1576).

The obverse side features half-figure of Maximilian II in armour, with a sceptre in his hand and St. Wenceslas’ crown on his head. The sign of the mintmaster Jiří Šatný of Olivet is placed below at the lower rim. The reverse is dominated by the imperial eagle with the crown. At the eagle’s breast there is an escutcheon with Bohemian and Hungarian land coat-of-arms; in the centre escutcheon there is the Habsburg family coat-of-arms. The Latin circumscription begins on the obverse at the upper rim with the name and titles of the ruler and continues on the reverse – therefore it should be read as a whole: MAXIMILIA[NVS] . II . D[EI] . GRA[TIA] . EL[ECTVS] . RO[MANORVM] . IM[PERATOR] . S[EMPER] . AV[GVSTVS] . GER[MANIAE] . HV[NGARIAE] . BOHE[MIAE] . E[T]C[ETERA] . REX . ARCHID[VX] . AVST[RIAE] . MAR[CHIO] . MO[RAVIAE] . 1577. Freely translated as: Maximilian Second, by the grace of God elected Roman Emperor, for ever and ever Multiplier of the Empire, king of Germany, Hungary, Bohemia etc., Archduke of Austria, Margrave of Moravia 1577.

prof. PhDr. Petr Vorel, CSc.
odborný garant projektu

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