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2014 - 2 € Slovakia - Entry of Slovakia to the European Union - 10th anniversar - Unc

Producer:Kremnica Mint
Catalogue number:2ESK2014
Denomination:2 EUR
Author/Designer:Mária Poldaufová
Finish:Uncirculated (UNC)
Mintage (pcs):1000000
Date of Issue:1.4.2014
Our price:€ 5,00 inc. of VAT
Availability:3 - 5 weekdays
At the centre of the national side are the stylised letters "EÚ", as the abbreviation of the European Union, with the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic incorporated in the foreground. On the right-hand side of the inner part of the coin, in two lines, is the date of the Slovak Republic's accession to the European Union, "1.5.2004", and immediately below it the year "2014". Inscribed along the bottom edge of the inner part is the name of the issuing country, "SLOVENSKO", while in a semi-circle along the upper edge is the inscription "10. VÝROČIE VSTUPU DO EURÓPSKEJ ÚNIE". To the lower left is the mint mark of Kremnica Mint (composed of the letters "MK" between two dies), and to the lower right are the stylised letters "MP", the initials of the designer, Mária Poldaufová. The coin's outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European Union.

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