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Euro Catalogue for coins and banknotes 2020, English
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Euro Catalogue for coins and banknotes 2020, English

Producer:Leuchtturm / Lighthouse
Catalogue number:361352
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• Comprehensive presentation of all coins, banknotes, and official circulation coin sets since the    introduction of the euro. 
• Summary of all European 2-euro commemorative coins
• Detailed compilation of euro banknotes
• A brief historical overview of the introduction of the euro 
• With coloured illustrations and many technical details (e.g. year of issue, mintage,  material, weight, 
   diameter / size, valuation in euro)
• Scope: approx. 730 pages

The EURO catalog from LEUCHTTURM provides a comprehensive presentation of all coins, banknotes and official circulation coin sets since the introduction of the euro in the respective countries. In addition, the book provides detailed information on the coins, a summary of all 2-euro commemorative coins as well as the marking of cross-country European issues. A new edition of the catalog is published annually on December 1st in which all coins known up to the editorial deadline are taken into account and mintage of earlier issues have been updated. 
Colored illustrations, which make the finding of the pieces easier, the updates as well as a favorable price make the work an indispensable reference work for every collector of euro coins.

ISBN: 978-3-947701-12-4

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